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Cosmetic Tattoo

Meet Holly, head funky punker and resident cosmetic tattoo artist. 

At the Funky Punk collective, we offer a range of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos, which we tailor to your requirements.





Whether you're looking to add definition to your eyes or have lost your lashes, at Funky Punk we can create your desired look from soft and subtle to dark and dramatic, your wish is our command!

£120 each or £220 for both upper and lower lids


Permanent lip liner and color is the perfect resolution for fuss-free mornings, so you can jump out of bed, make up free! permanent lip liner. It is great for redefining and balancing your lips or simply adding some color.

Lip liner £175

Lip liner and blush £295

Lip full-colour £325

Beauty mark £55

Colour Boost

3-6 months £100

6-12 months £130

12-18 months £175

Beauty Mark

Beauty mark £55

Extra Information

Cosmetic tattooing normally requires more than one session. To achieve the best results, you will normally require two sessions four to six weeks apart.

You can book your sessions through the website, Facebook, telephone, or in-person. You will be required to pay a £50 deposit on booking which can be done with cash or by PayPal to The Funky Punk strongly advises a sensitivity test is conducted in advance of your session unless waived by you. The sensitivity test can be collected from the studio at Dutch Courage Tattoo or posted to you upon booking.

Your first session result will be significantly darker and sharper immediately afterward and can take up to 14 days to heal. The results will soften over that period.

Before you attend your first session ensure you think carefully about what look you are seeking to achieve. The Funky Punk will advise you on colour and the best option for your face shape to ensure you choose the right colours and styles.

On arrival at your first session, you will have a consultation with The Funky Punk to determine colour and shape and complete a Consent Form and Medical Questionnaire. You will need to bring the sensitivity test form with you and ensure it has been completed and pay the tattoo fee in full upon completion of the first session. Your first session will last approximately 2 hours. If you would like to bring a friend with you for moral support or to drive you home you can.

Your retouch session some 4-6 weeks later will last approximately 45 minutes.

·        Your skin will be swollen and red following the procedure

·        You may wish to have a night in rather than a night out on that day!

·        Please wear your normal makeup to the session

·        Please do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for the 2 days up until your session

·        Please continue to take regular prescribed medication

·        Please do not drink for the 2 days up until your session

·        The Funky Punk will perform/provide a sensitivity test in advance of your session unless waived by you

·        Please avoid the use of Retin A and AHA skincare products for one month before your session

·        Please note the National Blood Service will not accept a donation from you for one year after your cosmetic tattoo


If you are having your eyebrows tattooed the following treatments must not be undertaken within the timeframes set out below

·        Please do not have your eyebrows waxed within 3 days

·        Please do not have laser hair removal within 2 weeks

·        Please do not have electrolysis within 5 days

·        Please do not have your eyebrows tinted within 2 weeks

Cancellation must be within 48 hours of your sessions or your deposit will be lost.

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